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80-120 Participant Rule: If the number of participants reported on line 5 is between 80 and 120, and a Form 5500 annual return/report was filed for the prior plan year, the plan may elect to complete the return/report in the same category ("large plan" or "small plan") as was filed for the prior return/report. Thus, if a Form 5500 annual return/report was filed for the 2009 plan year as a small plan, including the Schedule I if applicable, and the number entered on line 5 of the 2010 Form 5500 is 120 or less, the plan may elect to complete the 2010 Form 5500 and schedules in accordance with the instructions for a small plan, including for eligible filers, filing the Form 5500-SF instead of the Form 5500.
1A - Benefits are primarily pay related 1B - Benefits are primarily flat dollar 1C - Cash balance or similar plan 1D - Floor-offset plan 1E - Code section 401(h) arrangement 1F - Code section 414(k) arrangement 1H - Plan covered by PBGC 1I - Frozen plan 2A - Age/service weighted or new comparability or similar plan 2B - Target benefit plan 2C - Money purchase 2D - Offset plan 2E - Profit-sharing 2F - ERISA section 404(c) plan 2G - Total participant-directed account plan 2H - Partial participant-directed account plan 2I - Stock bonus 2J - Code section 401(k) feature 2K - Code section 401(m) arrangement 2L - An annuity contract purchased by Code section 501(c)(3) 2M - Custodial accounts for regulated investment company stock 2N - Code section 408 accounts and annuities 2O - ESOP other than a leveraged ESOP 2P - Leveraged ESOP 2Q - The employer maintaining this ESOP is an S corporation 2R - Participant-directed brokerage accounts 2S - 401(k) plan or 403(b) plan 2T - Total or partial participant-directed account plan 3B - Plan covering self-employed individuals 3C - Plan not intended to be qualified 3D - Pre-approved pension plan 3F - Plan sponsor(s) received services of leased employees 3H - Plan sponsor(s) is (are) a member(s) of a controlled group 3I - Plan requiring that all or part of employer contributions be invested and helD 3J - U.S. based plan that covers residents of Puerto Rico 4A - Health (other than vision or dental) Life insurance 4C - Supplemental unemployment 4D - Dental 4E - Vision 4F - Temporary disability 4G - Prepaid legal 4H - Long-term disability 4I - Severance pay 4J - Apprenticeship and training 4K - Scholarship (funded) 4L - Death benefits 4P - Taft-Hartley Financial Assistance 4Q - Other 4R - Unfunded, fully insured - not file an annual report 4S - Unfunded, fully insured - stopped filing annual reports 4T - 10 or more employer plan 4U - Collectively-bargained